Farm Club

Opportunities for learning and fun are numerous and will vary with the age of the camper. The following is a sample of activities.

Our Juniors, and youngest Campers, will enjoy our Petting Zoo with visits to feed, pet and care for our guinea pigs and rabbits. They will also enjoy the antics of our friendly farm animals.

Our Intermediate Campers will be offered the opportunity to visit the paddocks and the stalls to meet and learn about the proper care and needs of our friendly farm animals.  With proper supervision, they will also have the opportunity to pet, and help feed and groom our farm animals and get to know interesting animals facts that they can share with our youngest campers. We expect them to role model what respectful and responsible behaviour looks like around animals.

Our Senior Campers, will learn more about animals behaviours, the value of team work and the important fundamentals of health and safety, how to identify potential dangers, and how to share that information with other Campers.